The company originates in 1989. Specializing particularly in printing and assembling plastic material, it soon will enter the world of car accessories, where it will start to collaborate with the best European customers. In the next few years a new necessity emerged, created by the increasing request of service: the entrance of many more products, also imported by the Far East. For this reason, in the year 2000, the brand name UNICAR was founded, reinforcing the value of every single item produced and sold by the company itself, and developing a wide range of products. , During the first years of the new millenium, after a careful and considered examination of its acquired experience, UNICAR, together with a selected group of other companies, came to reinforce a formula to create new ideas and innovative solutions in the world of car accessories: quality and service became the conditions to develop business relationships with the customer and, furthermore, through the constant search of new forms, styles and contents, the company kept itself always updated.

Today, together with the settlement of the company in the new location in Papariano di Fiumicello, and the formula of quality and service already mentioned, their focus goes to a fundamental and contemporary matter: the ethical responsability of an ecological thought, which will change the name of the company into ECOCAR.

Briefly, this ecological new reality has its basis on the importance of the attention given to the relation between company and environment and the attention given to the future generations and their progressive conservation of ecofriendly materals in order to reduce waste. Environmentally friendly, indeed.

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